I love to build and fix things

many devices

Here I am fixing one laptop while reading instructions on a second laptop and simultaneously testing a game on an iPhone, an iPad, and a third laptop.

Despite how this picture looks, I am a minimalist

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About Me

cartoon me

I am a self-taught developer with a passion for education and building communities. I began my journey about two years ago and have learned so much and made amazing friendships along the way.

I have high expectations and I strive to improve each day. If you're interested in learning Ruby more deeply or want to share your knowledge, join me on twitter or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

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Other Projects

Pre MMO Chat App


A chat app where users can move their usernames on the screen in real time

Built with Node.js, express, and socket.io

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Clone of the classic game, Tetris. Version 3.0 includes next Tetromino preview

Built with Python and Tkinter

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