Julie Jones


codewithjulie is an education platform for users to access course materials, a forum, and submit assignments.

Created during All Aboard Bootcamp lead by John Crepezzi. All Aboard Bootcamp was an amazing experience where John, who is an amazing instructor, wanted to increase diversity in tech by helping those in under-represented groups out of work due to COVID explore positions in tech by learning Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  • Users can register and enroll in multiple courses
  • Enrolled users can view course materials and submit assignments
  • Admins can create, edit, view, or delete any course materials
  • The forum can have multiple channels and ability to reply to posts
  • All messages have full CRUD functions for original author
  • Micro Blog includes my thoughts while attending All Aboard Bootcamp

Source Code: GitHub

Live Demo: Heroku